Piss boxers roommate

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Anyway, he got really high on what I do not know, and took my pet hamster or gerbil, or some shit I don't remember, the point is that it was a small quiet rodent that never hurt anything ,out of it's cage and squeezed it to death. If you directly ask someone to clean their goddamn mess up, that's just plain assertive. She smoked this was the 70sand she used the floor as an ashtray. So by day 2 I realize my roommate let's call him Jim is the weirdest, most dysfunctional fucker I have ever met. Answered Jan 2,

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Get really, really pissed off when you lose, and blame the dealer - because luck and random chance have absolutely nothing to do with a game of blackjack.

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J/O in Roommate's Underwear

He has a girlfriend. His room is a good feet away from my room. Apr 26, 44, 1, California www. She was on the lease, and never paid a penny of rent. She wanted to party and she wanted to party hard.

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piss boxers roommate
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piss boxers roommate
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