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Astronaut Leo Davidson boards a pod cruiser on a Space Station for a "routine" reconnaissance mission. The Japanese numbers game: On almost every measure of development, rural women, because of gender inequalities and discrimination, fare worse than rural men or urban women. Archived from the original on 30 July Almost a thousand impact craters on Venus are evenly distributed across its surface.

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InMariner 10 swung by Venus on its way to Mercury and took ultraviolet photographs of the clouds, revealing the extraordinarily high wind speeds in the Venusian atmosphere.

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International Women’s Day 2018

We designate it Planet Senator Nado Freda Foh Shen Fight breaks out at Pusha T's concert. Green colour — water vapour, red — carbon dioxide, WN — wavenumber other colours have different meanings, lower wavelengths on the right, higher on the left. Inan Air Force astronaut crash-lands on a mysterious planet where evolved, talking apes dominate a race of primitive humans.

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