Kick ass kick ass comic

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Review is also on: In addition to that, he left her with thousands of dollars of his debt. No, no, no, far from it. Millar and Romita have purposefully centered the series on a female character of color which is great -- we need more in comics! This was a great read.

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I agree with Mykle's review:

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Kick-Ass (comics)

Hit-Girl is then led away in cuffs, though the crowd of survivors cheers her on for her role in stopping the Motherfucker and his group. Nov 29, Carlos De Eguiluz rated it liked it. This story is trying very hard to show what that would mean in real life. It's a book that decides to ignore the opportunity for thought-provoking themes or deep character psychology and instead gives us page after page of kids bloodying people with their weapons, never having to suffer important consequences or face any sort of revelation or ever even question their actions. His first incident is so bad he ends up in the E. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. When Marcus tries to come to her aid, he is also arrested by Gigante, when he is baited into revealing that he knew his step-daughter was the infamous Hit-Girl.

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kick ass kick ass comic
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kick ass kick ass comic
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  1. This scene would've been so much better had they not had a whole conversation the entire scene like wtf smh - stfu